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Astrophyllite - an inspiring meditation stone that connects us with cosmic knowledge and higher consciousness.
Star sign: Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer

7. vainaga (Crown) Sahasrara, Activates all

Love, Self Ability


WHY? To explore cosmic knowledge and inspire spiritual growth. Astrophyllite serves as a wonderful guide that connects us to all of existence and provides answers to our questions.

HOW TO? Use Astrophyllite in meditations to deepen your cosmic awareness and promote intuition. It helps you discover new dimensions and take a journey through space in your mind and soul.

WHERE? Place Astrophyllite on the heart and third eye chakras to achieve complete harmony of heart and mind with the universe. It can also be used in meditations and rituals for clarity and inspiration in spiritual practice.

Astrophyllite - a stone of wisdom and love that stirs our soul and inspires us on our cosmic journey.

If you receive Astrophyllite as a gift, it will reveal cosmic knowledge to you and give you love and connection with the universe.

Astrophyllite helps:

  • for spiritual travelers and seekers of knowledge - to discover cosmic wisdom and teachings from higher consciousness.
  • for people who want to increase their intuition and get answers to life's questions.
  • for those who want to experience deep love and connection with the universe.
  • for people seeking spiritual growth and connection with the highest truth.

Astrophyllite energy is like a gateway to countless star systems and mysteries of the world. It is the guide on our spiritual journey and the artist who paints the cosmic knowledge in our hearts. It surrounds us with love and inspiration, making us develop and grow in all areas of life, knowing that we are part of the great cosmic energy.

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