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Fluorite - a versatile and powerful meditation stone that brings us clarity, understanding and openness to various aspects of life.

Star sign: Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo

4. heart (Heart) Anahata, 6. third eye (Third Eye) Ajnu, 7. crown (Crown) Sahasrara. Chakras depending on color

 Energy: Healing, Projective Jan (releases energy, activates), Ability


WHY? Fluorite serves as a valuable aid in the search for clarity and understanding. Its strong energy helps us to solve difficult issues and open up to new possibilities. Fluorite is known for its ability to heighten our intuition and stimulate the mind to discover new perspectives and solutions. This energy is like an artificial source of wisdom and understanding that will give us insight and clarity about our life path.

HOW TO? By using Fluorite in meditations, we can gain clarity about our life path and understand our values. It helps us develop intuition, get new ideas and inspiration, and solve complex problems. Fluorite energy promotes our spiritual development and helps us make important decisions guided by inner sense of purpose.

WHERE? Place Fluorite near the third eye to stimulate intuition and gain clarity about your life path. It can serve as an artificial intelligence stimulant that will open the mind to new ideas and artificial inspiration. Fluorite can also be used in meditations and rituals to gain a new perspective and understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

Fluorite - the power of our intuition and clarity, opening our minds to new possibilities, inspiration and wisdom.

If you receive Fluorite as a gift, it will bring you clarity and openness to life's challenges, being a source of inspiration and artificial intelligence.

Fluorite helps:

  • for people who are looking for clarity and understanding, to open up to new possibilities and to understand the path of life.
  • for people who are trying to develop their intuition, creativity and get new ideas and inspiration.
  • for those working with creative projects and artificial intelligence, looking for new perspectives and solutions.
  • for people who want to make important decisions and discover a deeper understanding of their lives and goals. Fluorite is like a burst of energy that will open up new possibilities, insights and clarity on our path.

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