Section for those who know what they want! The section where you will find all the crystals - one by one!

One tower, one sphere, one pyramid, one druse, one shard.

That's right! Everything you want is also available individually!


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Tuksneša roze
Sale price€6,00
Kianīta lauska
Sale price€12,00
Muskovīta lauska
Sale price€8,00
Dzeltenā avanturīna lauska
Sale price€3,00
Asins akmeņa miera akmens
Sale price€11,00
Sodalīta miera akmens
Sale price€11,00
Rozā kvarca miera akmens
Sale price€11,00
Sūnu ahāta miera akmens
Sale price€11,00
Avanturīna miera akmens
Sale price€11,00
Ametista miera kristāls
Sale price€11,00
Unakīta miera akmens
Sale price€11,00
Kalnu kristāla miera akmens
Sale price€11,00
Mežģīņu ahāta miera akmens
Sale price€11,00
Save 29%
7 čakru miera akmens7 čakru miera akmens
7 čakru miera akmens
Sale price€12,00 Regular price€17,00
Save 63%
Orgonite - pyramid "Breath and peace"Orgonite - pyramid "Breath and peace"
Orgonite - pyramid "Breath and peace"
Sale price€25,00 Regular price€67,00
Citrine Druze
Sale price€12,00
Desert rose
Sale price€8,00
Rose quartz tower 5-6cm
Sale price€27,00
Save 20%
Ametista geode "SIRDS" | Premium izmēraAmetista geode "SIRDS" | Premium izmēra
Amethyst geode "HEART" | Premium size
Sale priceFrom €72,00 Regular price€90,00
Sold out
Astrophyllite obelisk 25cmAstrophyllite obelisk 25cm
Astrophyllite obelisk 25cm
Sale price€64,99
Labradorite obelisk
Sale priceFrom €85,00
Save 52%
Amethyst Towers | PremiumAmethyst Towers | Premium
Amethyst Towers | Premium
Sale priceFrom €75,00 Regular price€155,00
Rose quartz tower 7-9cm
Sale price€33,00
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Rose quartz towers | Premium XLRose quartz towers | Premium XL
Rose quartz towers | Premium XL
Sale priceFrom €98,28