Falling smoke incense stand "DRAGON"
Falling smoke incense stand "DRAGON"
Falling smoke incense stand "DRAGON"

Falling smoke incense stand "DRAGON"

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The backflow incense stand is specially designed to divert the smoke, which will create a stunning effect as it flows aesthetically down the tower!

Once you light your incense cone it will begin to smoke, special incenses are heavier than air and this allows for these swirls of smoke to form.

It is incredibly beautiful and very relaxing.

This stand is suitable for home, office, tea room, meditation, yoga studio...

Weight: 380g

Dimensions: 11x12x11 (cm)

Material: Ceramic


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Daina Kuzmane

Esmu ļoti priecīga saņēmusi savu pūķi, kurš pūš dūmus! Šīs 15 min. es veltu sev un ar aizrautību skatos kā dūmi(pārvarot visus fizikas likumus) plūst piepildot vienu trauciņu, tad otru, tad plūst pāri malām trešajā...nu ļoti meditatīvi Ļoti atgādina mazu ūdenskritumu palēninājumā.

Vita Alksne
Paku saņēmu ātri, glīti, labi iesaiņots.

Skaisti, piemērots mājās interjers.

Skaisti, bet...

Gruti novietot konusu, pūķa piere par slīpu😔, slīd.