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"PURIFICATION AND HEALING" intention candle.

To heal the soul, feelings and mind. Say goodbye to years of accumulated emotions, resentments and wrongdoings. It doesn't matter if they are big or small, each of us has the right to determine how we feel about what happened, to hurt and let it go! This intention candle is created just for the final stage when you are ready to cleanse your energy, mind and heart. Let go and heal.

Small crystals placed on the candle:
Lazurite - This mineral cleans the owner's aura from the negativity accumulated during life (old resentments, dishonest actions and thoughts, etc.). It is considered a stone of self-confidence and justice. Lapis lazuli is one of the oldest physical and mental health stones, promoting spiritual and physical healing. For medicinal purposes, lapis lazuli is recommended to be used in cases of insomnia, depression, fever and anxiety. Lapis lazuli frees the soul from any feelings of fear and jealousy.

Chakra: 5. Throat, 6. Third eye and 7. Crown.
Zodiac sign: All, however, there are sources that indicate that it is not recommended for Capricorn, there are also the opposite, which indicate that it is also suitable for Capricorn.

We believe that there are various life situations when you need the corresponding crystal and only you can feel it, it does not matter in which month of the solar calendar you were born. If you feel that you need it - use this crystal given by the universe to your advantage! 

Sodalit - Stone of higher mind, wisdom. Helps to open the third eye. Increases self-confidence, objectivity, intuition, balances emotions. A good stone for psychic protection and meditation. Brings inner peace and promotes spiritual growth. Helps to think rationally, as well as to get rid of old behavior patterns that are no longer valid. Can stimulate latent abilities that one is not aware of, including clairvoyance. It helps to be who you are, not who others want you to be. 

Chakra: 5. Throat, 6. Third eye.
Zodiac sign: All!

In addition, cornflower flowers are placed on the candle. The natural Indigo color of cornflowers heals the Third Eye chakra, works as a wake-up call for one's psychic awareness, heals intuitive blocks and allows access to one's inner wisdom. Cornflower is a powerful tool for those seeking their spiritual connection to abundance.

Aroma notes: Freshness, Fig

DO take care of the candle, especially the dry flower part, even though they are meant to be part of the incense, but never leave the candle unattended! If the soot is too strong, remove it from the candle!

How to use? 

When you light the candle, count in your head, or best of all, write your thank you letter on a white sheet of paper. Be grateful for everything that has happened, that you have the opportunity to forgive and live on. While the candle is burning, plan your future, imagine yourself happy and peaceful. If you succeed, visualize how you hug yourself, love yourself!
After your candle has burned out, take at least one crystal and carry it with you or place it in a safe place to do its healing work. Once this is done, the crystal will most likely disappear. It happens often. 

Product description: 

Candle made from organic soy wax and scented with a blend of essential oils. Wax can be dyed only with natural dyes, so unfortunately it is not possible to get a bright shade. 
Burning in the air does not release chemicals.
Unbleached cotton wick.

Made: in Latvia, in Gulbene, the candle may not have a perfectly flat surface, it is not an industrial product, but the careful handwork of our family.

Weight: About 400g

Height 7.5 cm

Diameter 6.5 cm

  • When you light a candle for the first time, check that its wick is not too long and does not smoke. If necessary, trim it a little. 
  • The candle is packed in a glass cup. When the candle is burned out, may be used for other purposes, including food, soy wax is harmless and does not leave marks on glass!
  •  Each candle is special and unique. They are 100% handmade. During shipping, some crystal may detach from the surface, just put it back when lighting the candle. 
  • Soy wax tends to shrink and crack in the cold - upon receiving the order through Omniva, during the winter months, the candles may separate a little from the glass container. 
  • DO take care of the candle, especially the dry flower part, even though they are meant to be part of the incense, never leave the candle unattended! If the sulfur is too strong, remove it from the candle!


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