Intention candle "FILL IN THE WISHES"
Intention candle "FILL IN THE WISHES"

Intention candle "FILL IN THE WISHES"

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Intention candle "FILL IN THE WISHES"

The candle was created for those who want to ward off the evil eye, fulfill their most ardent desires, attract luck, protect themselves and their energy. 

Small crystals placed on the candle:

Spectrolite - This unique and unusual stone is able to develop magical abilities in a person, as well as increase physical strength. It protects the aura and cleanses it of negative energy. Spectrolite allows you to understand your destiny - the path that a person has chosen before coming to earth. Ancient magicians believed that the energy of the spectrolite developed in a person the ability to see the aura and also parallel dimensions. Spectrolite is a powerful stone that helps you understand and fulfill your wildest dreams!

Chakra: 6. Third eye and 5. Throat
Zodiac sign: Leo, Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius, Cancer

Garnet - Garnet is considered a stone of fire, passion and strength, as well as a successful business. It gives energy, courage, endurance and helps focus. What is interesting - garnet is a very popular stone among men and works successfully as an amulet. It dates back to ancient times, when in medieval Europe only men actually carried the garnet, as it was believed to protect against serious injuries in battles.

Chakra: 2. Sacral
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Aquarius, Leo, Aries 

Additionally placed on the candle: Cloves, which protect against the evil eye, repel evil spirits, attract money and luck.

Aroma nuances: Very light aroma of citrus and bamboo extract, unobtrusive and fresh

DO keep an eye on the candle, especially the dry part of the plants, even though they are meant to be part of the sulfur, but never leave the candle unattended! If the soot is too strong, remove it from the candle!

How to use? 

When lighting a candle, be happy and grateful for everything you have. It is best if you write your gratitude journal or journal next to the candle. Radiate all the good that you want to keep in your life and increase!

Once your candle has burned down, feel free to use the crystals to your advantage and carry them around for protection. It is best if you do not give them into the hands of others. 

Product description: 

Candle made from organic soy wax and scented with a blend of essential oils. Wax can be dyed only with natural dyes, so unfortunately it is not possible to get a bright shade. 

Burning in the air does not release chemicals.
Unbleached cotton wick.

Made: in Latvia, in Gulbene, the candle may not have a perfectly flat surface, it is not an industrial product, but the careful handwork of our family.

Burning time: 30-35 hours

Weight: About 400g


  • When you light a candle for the first time, check that its wick is not too long and does not smoke. If necessary, trim it a little. 
  • The candle is packed in a glass cup. When the candle is burned out, may be used for other purposes, including food, soy wax is harmless and does not leave marks on glass!
  •  Each candle is special and unique. They are 100% handmade. During shipping, some crystal may detach from the surface, just put it back when lighting the candle. 
  • Soy wax tends to shrink and crack in the cold - upon receiving the order through Omniva, during the winter months, the candles may separate a little from the glass container. 
  • DO take care of the candle, especially the dry flower part, even though they are meant to be part of the incense, never leave the candle unattended! If the sulfur is too strong, remove it from the candle!


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