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Pyrite Meditation Set

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A set designed for energetic cleansing! Time to organize your charms and masculine energy!


  • Strengthens willpower and promotes the achievement of specific goals
  • It calms, stimulates, strengthens the mind and memory, helps to overcome mental fatigue
  • Stone of money, sun and luck, excellent in big business
  • A shield against all kinds of negative energies
  • Allows you to see through the masks and see the true essence of things
  • Helps against depression and reduces fear, anxiety, anger
  • Protects against prolonged manipulation and oppression by partners, parents and employers
  • Placed at work or at home, pyrite fills the surroundings with energy full of vitality
  • Builds self-confidence and faith in one's own abilities, helps to overcome inferiority complexes

The set includes:

A set of 7 chakras with polished crystals (red jasper, pink. quartz, citrine, green fluorite, lapis lazuli, blue chalcedony, amethyst).  Up to 1 cm. 

6 pyrite shards. Up to 2 cm.

1 wooden remnant with energy meditation grid. 10 cm in diameter.

Meaning of Crystals:

Red jasper - a stone of honesty and justice. Strengthens (improves) the sense of responsibility, compassion. Helps protect against negative energies and dangers (including night dangers). Negations are sent back to sender. Ground energy. Helps to look into difficulties. Calms emotions, stabilizes and clears the aura. Balances energy in the body. Often used in sexual magic.

Pink quartz - A symbol of absolute health, a stone of love and harmony, which strongly affects the heart chakra and develops the ability to love. Opens the heart and brings emotional balance. Promotes love in all areas, also in relation to oneself. Gives self-reliance and makes calm, but steadfast. it removes stress, brings peace and balance and embraces us with loving vibrations and heals the wounds of the heart.

Citrine - From Latin Citrus - lemon yellow. It is called the "Stone of the Mind". Protects against fears caused by the influence of others. Increases self-confidence, reduces depression, insomnia, is suitable for preventing stomach disorders, improves metabolism.

Citrine is considered the "stone of a successful businessman". It increases self-esteem, protects from the negative energy of others, opens the mind to new ideas, promotes clarity of mind, helps to create psychological contacts between people.

Green Fluorite - Gently restores and opens the heart chakra, especially after an emotional experience or trauma. Stimulates growth. Clears the mind and inspires creative thinking. Its harmonious structure helps you make decisions when feelings have to be balanced with practical considerations.

Place over the heart chakra to restore and stimulate energy. Add rose quartz to it to heal the emotional pain of a failed love.

Lazurite - is associated with self-confidence, justice, openness. It is an ancient stone of physical and mental health, promoting spiritual healing, peace of mind and willpower, enhancing physical abilities and moral growth. It is believed that lapis lazuli helps during mental recovery, promotes the treatment of diseases of the throat, thymus, and strengthens the immune system. Lapis lazuli cleanses the aura, giving a sense of spiritual purity, promotes a sense of common sense and truth, strengthens friendships, helps solve love problems.

Blue chalcedony - helps connect with the healing power of the earth. Light Blue Chalcedony with its healing and loving energy will cleanse and heal the neck chakra, heart chakra, removing tension, stress and pain, opening the possibility to obtain peace, balance energy, forgiving and letting go of painful situations, people and problems, both on the physical and subtle levels.

Position considered the "Soul of Stones". A stone of happiness and wisdom.

Treats the nervous system, helps against envy, calms anger, irritation and agitation, mental pain and anxiety, calms and clears thoughts, balances mood, removes electromagnetic radiation from all electrical devices. Transforms bodily energy into spiritual energy. Protects from falling into sin. Calms thoughts and passions, strengthens memory, ability to concentrate, attracts love and luck. Harmonizes all levels of consciousness, promotes multifaceted personality development, goodness, love, compassion, hope, health, as well as inspiration and vigor, intelligence and prudent courage.

Pyrite - due to the similarity with gold (it differs from gold in density and hardness), has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Folk healers recommend wearing it to nervous people, as it is able to improve the mood, raise the general tone and increase working capacity. Pyrite products charge the body, normalizing all internal processes. Pyrite is an iron sulfide with a characteristic metallic luster and brassy yellow hue, which is why it is sometimes called fool's gold. Helps purify mental processes, drive away confusion, cope with problems. Encourages decision-making and action. Strengthens the immune system. Helps heal male sexual and infertility problems.

Place above the solar plexus in the middle of the ribs or hold a piece of pyrite in the right hand to balance masculine energy. If the person is lying face down, then place on the back over the kidneys on each side just below the chest to help cleanse the body. Able to absorb any negative energy, absorbs various formations - fibroids, cysts, etc. Do not wear for more than 3 days without a break. Purifies only with fire. 


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